Friday, August 26, 2016

Special Schedules

Special Schedules

Monday- Physical Education

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Library

Thursday- Music

Friday- Physical Education

(Don’t forget to bring your sneakers on Monday and Friday and your Library book on Wednesday!)

August Newsletter

August Newsletter
Mrs. Hebert’s First Grade

Welcome to first grade!  I am very excited to be your child's teacher this year and would like to take the opportunity to provide you with some general information about my teaching program and philosophy.

During out first several weeks of school we will focus on establishing an environment in which peers learn to value and respect one another as we grow and learn together this year.  In order for true learning to take place, students must feel comfortable to express their ideas.  It is my intention to be sure they are free to do so, without fear of ridicule.  Clear rules and expectations will be established in class and followed through on with consistency and fairness.

As open communication is necessary between peers, it is also vital for this to exist between home and school.  I would greatly appreciate any information that you can give me throughout the year to better meet the needs of your child.  I have included with this newsletter a parent questionnaire for you to return in an effort to hear from the true expert(s) on your individual child.  I also welcome parent involvement in school when and where it is possible for you.  More specific information will be sent home shortly, as soon as our daily routine has become well established.

Academically, I will be closely following the guidelines set forth in our curriculum.  I will incorporate a variety of hands-on and cooperative learning activities, as well as use direct instruction and individual practice.  With each unit of study, I will take every opportunity to relate the information to real-life experiences.  In all curriculum areas I will incorporate learning games into our program to offer times for practice in a fun and comfortable setting.

Your child will be receiving homework and notices throughout the week in their Home-School PURPLE folder.  Please check this folder DAILY each evening and return it EACH DAY along with any notes for my attention.  Your child will have Math Facts, sight words, and spelling sent home weekly.  It is important that time be set aside daily for reading practice.  Reading with your child will expand his or her vocabulary and use of language.  I appreciate your help in maintaining this consistent expectation. 

Our lunch and first recess will be from 11:15-12:00.  We will have a morning snack earlier in the day and an afternoon recess from 2:20-2:35. Your help in providing healthy “fuel” is greatly appreciated in our effort to promote good nutrition.  Children can buy snack drinks or lunch through our nutrition program. You can purchase snack drinks or lunch online at or you can send money on the first day of each week in an envelope, which is clearly labeled.  An envelope for hot lunch is in the purple folder for the first week of school but if you would like to purchase online, please indicate. You are welcome to pay several weeks in advance if you would like. 
                           Milk/Juice: $0.50
                           Lunch: $2.55 *(this includes a lunch milk)

Birthdays, holidays, and special days will be celebrated in our classroom community.  If you would like to send something in on these occasions, please contact me first.  Also, please consider seeking healthy alternatives to add to the festivities.  If your child is having a birthday party during the school year, please do not send invitations to school to be hand-delivered.  This will help avoid hurt feelings. 

It is important that children come to school each day prepared for learning in all areas.  In an effort to help you be aware of what your child may need, here is the schedule for our integrated arts this year:
                  Monday: P.E. 1:40-2:15
                  Tuesday: Art 1:20-2:05
                  Wednesday: Library 10:25-11:10
                  Thursday: Music 12:35-1:20
                  Friday: P.E. 1:40-2:15
Please be sure to wear sneakers for PE!!!

Student-of-the-Week:  Each child will be given the opportunity to be “Student-of-the-week.”  They will be invited to share information about themselves, bring in items to show and tell to the class, and even invite a special person in (parent, relative) to share (or give a “career chat”).  Children love to showcase someone special in their lives.  Sign-up dated will be available during Curriculum Night. 

Finally, it would be helpful if you could send an extra outfit for your child in a bag that is clearly marked with his or her name.  In first grade, we sometimes fall in puddles, spill things, and have accidents and it is much easier and less embarrassing if there are extra clothes at school.  (It would also be helpful to send in winter clothes once the colder weather comes).  Also, please put your child's name on his or her lunchbox, backpack, outerwear, and anything else you can think of to help your child keep track of personal belongings. 

I hope this newsletter has been helpful in answering questions that you may have.  If you have any additional questions please feel free to call me at school between 7:45 am and 3:30 pm (775-8922) or you may email me at I am looking forward to a terrific year with you and your child!


Mrs. Andrea Hebert

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Welcome Letter

         August 2016
Dear Friends,

Welcome to first grade!  My name is Mrs. Hebert and I will be your teacher this year.  I am excited for our year ahead together and I hope that you are too!

During the first few weeks of school we will spend time getting to know each other before we dive into an exciting year of learning!  Our first unit will focus on the life cycles as we explore the teeny, tiny, wonderful world of insects all around us!  Some other fun topics we will be learning this year are plants, Endangered Species, families around the world, and the weather.  We will also do a lot of activities and play a lot of fun games to help you learn how to read!  You will also become an author by writing at least two books!  Mathematics will also be an exciting part of our day.  

         I need to remind you and your family of some important upcoming dates:
  •  Friday, August 26th is “Meet and Greet Your Teacher Day.”  Please come to our room (210) from 1:00-2:00!
  • Monday, August 29th is your first day of school!  This is a FULL day for first graders (dismissal at 3:00).
  • Don't forget that we do not have school on Friday, September 2nd and Monday, September 5th in celebration of Labor Day.

I hope you are able to stop by and visit during our “Meet and Greet Your Teacher Day!”  This will be a great chance to take a peek at your classroom and for me to meet you before we start our year together on Monday, August 29th.

Here is a list of supplies for you to gather before the year begins.  I hope you've enjoyed a wonderful summer vacation and I look forward to seeing you soon!

       Mrs. Hebert


School Supply List

Dear Families,

The following each child will need for his/her personal use:
  • A 1 ½ -inch hard covered 3 ring binder with a clear plastic cover insert (this will be used for your child's 1st grade portfolio)
  • Box of plastic sleeves (for your child's first grade portfolio)
  •  Red PLASTIC folder for independent work. (We will keep this folder all year long and it will not need to be replaced)
  • A change of clothes in a plastic bag that may be kept in your cubby (labeled).  I also ask each season to change the clothes in your child’s cubby.  They quickly grow out of the clothing and as seasons change, the type of clothing changes as well!
  • A backpack labeled with your first and last name and bus # if you ride the bus.        

The following list of items would be most useful and will be stored in a community supply for classroom use (this list is optional but greatly appreciated!):
  • Glue Sticks
  •  Colored pencils (Crayola works best!)
  • Thick or thin, washable markers (Crayola)
  •  Crayons (Crayola)
  • (Expo) Dry Erase Markers (thin or thick)
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Antibacterial wipes (we wipe down the tables after snack and at the end of each day)
  •  Tissues
  • Gallon, Quart, or Sandwich size zippered baggies

Please do not send in individual pencil boxes, pencils, sharpeners, etc. Each table will share a “community supply” of materials.  A pencil box of materials at home to use for homework is an excellent way to encourage good organizational habits.
Thank you for your consideration and support!

Mrs. Andrea Hebert

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Welcome to First Grade!

We have an exciting year ahead! I'm excited to be sharing the wonderful world of learning with you!